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About Us

Omni Roots


When the owner of Omni was a little girl her family lived on a little farm outside Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Someone had painted a circle with two lines on the side of the barn.  When she asked her Mom what that meant, she was told that when the hobos went through the area they would paint symbols on the barns.  This particular symbol meant that the people who lived there were nice, and that you could get whatever you needed for the night.

What does Omni stand for?


When Judy was deciding on a name for the firm, one of her students suggested Omni since she learned it was derived from Latin, meaning all or everything.  She knew my goal was to be able to provide people with answers to all their questions.  From there, the idea of the logo was an easy transition from that early memory of the circle with the two parallel lines.

Judy Beebe


Judy Beebe has an extensive accounting and finance background.  Judy was an instructor at Western Oregon University for 17 years, primarily teaching accounting courses.  A user of QuickBooks since it became available in 2000, Judy is a member of the Intuit Accounting Professional Research Panel.

Judy's background includes more than 40 years in the construction industry which provides the experience she relies on to provide pre-licensing and continuing education classes for the Construction Contractor's Board.